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Mobile Whatsapp Sender

Reach Out To Known & Unknow Customer Through Android Mobile Whatsapp App

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अब ANDROID मोबाइल से


Mobile Whatsapp Sender permits users to send text, images, videos, pdf, documents etc through Android mobile. Here, the user will notice different numerous tools to verify and filter mobile numbers. Groups Contacts Grabber tool is very interesting tool that extracting all contacts from WhatsApp groups.

Mobile Whatsapp Sender anti-blocking tool reduces the threat to get blocked. This mobile application is 100% safe and reliable and straighforward to use. Use mobile whatsapp sender to stay your account 100% secure.

All user can create and preserve WhatsApp marketing campaigns and also control speed, a delay time between messages and also user will manage sleep time.

Mobile Whatsapp Features

  • Complete WhatsApp Advertising Solution through Android Mobile

  • Easy Manner of sending messages

  • Existing Whatsapp & Business Whatsapp Supported

  • Allows 10 Lac Whatsapp Messages with Lifetime Validity

  • Allows Unlimited Multi-multimedia message (Images, Videos, PDF, Docs, PPT)

  • Group Grabber & Group Broadcasting

  • Numbers Filter Module

  • Anti Block Capability With Multi text message

  • Sleep Manage Function

  • Speed Manipulate Feature

  • Delay Control Feature

  • Auto-Reply Functionality

Mobile Whatsapp Sender
Mobile Whatsapp Sender
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