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India's No.1 Bulk SMS Platform

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Smarter SMS Campaigns

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SMS is an extraordinary method to communicate to customers and your employees for appointment reminders, promoting efforts, notifications and alerts.

Text messaging is a quick, simple and reliable tool to add to your communication mix.

SMS (Short Messaging Service) application solution is a high throughput bulk SMS service, used to send a huge volume of text messages empowering you to engage and interact together with your customers and partners. Our incredible APIs enable businesses to upgrade and strengthen their customer engagement.

Our team of specialist will work together with your business to assist you reach your customers higher.

Why Should You Choose Bulk SMS Service for Your Business?

Increase Your Reach

Bulk SMS permits you to instantly reach to your targeted customers. It will help to extend your market and presence.

Save Your Money
High Response Rate

SMS incorporates a high open rate. It doesn’t land inside a junk box. More than 90% of messages are opened via users.


You may send particular SMS based on Buyer’s last buying behavior or location-based. Excessive Stage of personalization.

Highly Targeted

SMS is the perfect device to focus on new and present customers. You may send extraordinarily focused messages.

Instant Communication

Our SMS platform ensures the delivery of time touchy sensitive alerts and important messages within fraction of seconds.

Bulk SMS is certain of the near lower priced communication services. It saves your cash. No significant expenditures.

Types of SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS

This service is essentially used to send alerts like subscription amount due, balance payment and So on. OTP (One time password) is needed to registered or opt-in’s customer. Transactional SMS must be sent through 6-Digit Sender ID

Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS is basically used to send to educate about offers, discounts or promotions to new & existing customers. Promotional SMS must be sent with or without 6 Digits Sender ID.

Type of SMS









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